Polarising feeling for the same event.

Polarising feeling for the same event.

November 17, 2020

My parents are moving house and their completion date is imminent.  They have been planning this move for such along time.  They have carefully planned and prepared it all in detail.  Making sure that they have chosen the right place for them.   I am so made up for them that they’re starting the next chapter in their lives.  This will be such a great move for them.  They are getting older and my mum especially is finding stairs harder which is why they chose to move into a bungalow.  Life will be much easier.  They have lived in many places across the UK, but since having me and my sisters they settled in Surrey.  Now they have decided to move back to the Midlands.  Both of my sisters have moved up there, so they won’t be far from either of them, especially one, who they will be just around the corner from.  The property looks lovely and will suit them down to the ground.  It is in a lovely quiet road.  Such a change from living on the side of theA3 with the constant drone of traffic, no matter the time of day.  The air quality will be so much better, and this will hopefully help my Mum’s asthma that she has been diagnosed with in recent years.  Everything seems so logical that this move is the right thing for them.  


How can this possibly cause me any sadness?  It’s not even my move! For my parents everything is great, and their life will be improved greatly.  Ultimately, the reason for any move is to improve our lifestyle.  They will be moving from the house where I spent quite a bit of my childhood and it still has that warm feeling like home every time I walk in.  All its nooks and crannies are familiar just as all those noises that are unique to each house. Their new house cannot live up to this feeling that I hold so dear.  It contains so many memories.  The laughter and tears, joy and despair but mainly love.  I look back fondly.  The thought of never visiting there again saddens me.  It’s the end of an era sadness.  Those childhood memories won’t change. The love won’t change.  


It’s funny how you can feel sad for the end of an era but happy and excited for the start of the next chapter. Feelings and emotions are never simple and often polarising for the same event.  

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