How to get ready to move house without feeling stressed and anxious.

How to get ready to move house without feeling stressed and anxious.

June 24, 2020

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful life events there is but does it need to be?  Hereat Nest Concierge, we don’t think it does.


Stress and anxiety hits when our demand is more than our ability to cope and as such we get this huge feeling of overload.  Internal and external stressors trigger these feelings, from unrealistic expectations and thoughts of the change to trying to physically do everything in an already busy schedule.  


By knowing the reasons why we get stressed and anxious at this time means we will be able to control the situation better physically and be mentally prepared at the same time.  


Once you’ve made that decision to move it’s an ideal time to start to prepare for it.  The earlier you have everything in place the more relaxed you will feel.  Through research you can also gain an understanding of the process involved.  By having a good general understanding your expectations will better match the journey you are about to go on.  


Start by getting to know a bit about the moving process.  You don’t need to know all the ins and outs, that’s what the conveyancing solicitor is for; just enough so you know what will happen and when.


There is a lot to look into whether that be finances and mortgage providers, your new area, service providers, the types of properties on the market in your price range.  Research means knowledge so this is going to be key. Changing the unknown to a known quantity will reduce these thoughts and feelings of overwhelm.


If you research topics such as how long the process takes, look at statistics and the averages rather than company’s marketing as they will be quoting the fastest you can expect. Also, bear in mind that there are so many variables that no move is exactly the same.  You can expect it to take a little longer if you have a leasehold property, have a property that is unusual in some way, or you are part of a longer chain. Finding information that is reliable will mean your expectations are realistic and will have positive impacts on your stress and anxiety.  


Be organised!  Get all your paperwork for your house in one place that is easily accessible.  As you go, keep adding all the paperwork tothe same location.  Do this electronically as well.  Create a folder in your emails specifically for your move.  You could even break it down further and have folders for each service provider to makeit even easier to find information as you need it.  Ensure all your contacts are together with your information.  


Finally, ensure you know when you need to have all the jobs/tasks completed throughout.  You won’t be worrying and feeling anxious about missing something or having it on your mind all the time.  To help you with this, please use the link below for our Ultimate Moving Checklist.  It is the most comprehensive checklist for moving you’ll find.  Take a look…

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