How to Declutter Without Feeling Overwhelmed.

How to Declutter Without Feeling Overwhelmed.

June 17, 2020

How toDeclutter Without Feeling Overwhelmed.


 Decluttering for some can feel like a huge task as things have built up over many years.  No matter how much you have to do, not knowing where to start can make it feel like you would rather avoid doing it altogether.


Depending on the size of your task at hand you will want to focus on one area at a time whether that be a room or part of a room, for example, your bedroom wardrobe or kitchen cupboards.  Pick the area that you are dreading the most and go for that first.  Ensure you finish each section you start fully.  If you do this, you will feel a sense of achievement and it will motivate you carry on with other sections.  


Before you start get 4 containers ready.  


1.    For rubbish

2.    For recycling

3.    For charity donations

4.    Items you can sell


So, it’s time to get started.  Pick an area of a room, like your bedroom chest of drawers.  Drawer by drawer empty all the contents.  Dividing areas up into smaller chunks really will help lower the feeling of dread and overwhelm.  As we complete each of these small areas, we see progression and any negative feelings we had will change to a positive sense of achievement.  


Now sort the items into the four containers or if you are keeping it; place it straight back into your drawers.  Once you have completed that move onto the next area in that room.  Try and work round the room methodically without missing any areas in between.  It’s easy to avoid areas because you feel like it’s a huge task but to get it done, we need to leave procrastination at the door.  


Once you have completed the area you are working on, make sure that the containers are disposed of appropriately as quickly as possible.  You won’t want to be just moving your belongings around your house and contributing to other areas that then need decluttering.


Have a go and let us know how you get on.

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