5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster - Even with Coronavirus Restrictions

5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster - Even with Coronavirus Restrictions

June 10, 2020

You may be feeling that selling fast is the way to go with the uncertainty over the economy at the moment and how that will affect the housing market.  


1.     Declutter


With any house move decluttering is the first place to begin.  It’s probably easy to leave it until it’s absolutely necessary and you cannot get away without doing it any longer, but there are a few benefits to getting it done now.   

When you have prospective buyers looking around your home, you need to ensure your house does not have the appearance of being overcrowded.  They need to be able to imagine that their family and all their belongings will fit perfectly.  If your cupboards and storage areas are full to the brim this vision will not happen.  They also will not be able to see how much storage there truly is.  Try and aim for about 75% full at the maximum.


2.    Stage your House


It is so important your house looks its best.  When it comes to this huge purchase the decision is made pretty quickly on average. A large part of this quick decision comes down to feelings.  The more your house looks and feels warm and homely; the more attractive it will be to buyers.  

Everyone is attracted to pretty and appealing things; houses will be no different.  If there are too many things or it is too sparse it cannot look its best.  Make sure every room has a clearly defined purpose with a colour scheme that works. Any small unfinished DIY jobs need to be completed.  On a house viewing those viewing dare to dream and it is your responsibility to help them with this.  

Homes that are staged stand apart from others and as such achieve more and sell faster.


3.    Find a good solicitor and estate agent


These two services are key players in the house moving process.  Spending time researching the best ones will save so much time from marketing to proceeding through the conveyancing process.

 Estate agents need to be able to market your property well.  Look at their photos, reviews, statistics and speak to them about their strategies for marketing.  Some like to market at a higher price and then reduce after testing the market. For a faster sale ensure that your home is priced competitively from day one.  This does not mean market it under the market value but rather at the price it is worth.


4.    Choose a buyer that is in a good position


You often hear, ‘they are cash buyers,’ as though they are the best buyers to go for.  There is more to it than where their finances are coming from.  Ask questions so you can establish what their agenda is and how that fits with yours. If you want a quick process but your buyer will only wait until their fixed rate on their mortgage expires then they might not be the right fit for you.  On the other hand, if there are not many potential buyers for your type of property this might not be an option you want to take as it could still be quicker than finding another buyer.


5.    Ensure you have all your affairs in order.


Like every task you complete, no matter the context, momentum is key to a more efficient and timelier conclusion.  It is no different here.  This means having your solicitors ready for when you find a buyer, supplying all the documentation initially but also having it to hand for any further queries down the line.  Answer queries promptly and then maintain regular contact with your estate agent and solicitor throughout.  This regular contact is imperative to maintaining that momentum.  Even if you feel awkward and a bit of a pain; you will remain at the top of the solicitor’s agenda and your sale will progress quicker.



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